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Shipping to the United States

While we have been shipping to the US on request for a while we were not sure if this was something we wanted to make available automatically as there are significant possible issues state to state. We are investigating currently and will continue to ship by request (so we can investigate each state’s laws), as Federally there is no issue with shipping our products south, but the US is a different beast than Canada. We’d prefer the Eagle doesn’t dig it’s talons into the Squirrel.

Website Redesign

How many times have we redesigned our website? The Giant Squirrel counts 3, but it needs to be redesigned regularly (usually once every 1-3 years), and the Giant Squirrel would prefer not to do it this time around. So, this is distracting the Squirrel a fair amount away from the blog posts and more fun things.

The squirrels are still around and working away in the background. Sadly due to various issues, the Giant Squirrel has not been able to post more articles relating to cannabis for the last while.

The Giant Squirrel will return.

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